5 Myths of Running a Successful Business Selling Online Courses

Business Selling Online Courses

We have discovered several false assumptions or myths about what it takes to build a successful business selling online courses!


Let’s face it – it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build a sustainable and profitable business. The online courses selling business is no exception.

If you ask around and you make a research, you will discover that for the most online course creators the amount of profit to justify working full-time is $100.000. In other words, this much is needed for you to generate a revenue and $100.000 is comparable to the annual salary of every average employee.

After discussing with a few online course creators how they created their businesses, we discovered a few false assumptions or myths about what it takes to build a successful business selling online courses.

  • You need big launches to build big businesses: Big launches aren’t necessary for building a prosperous and successful online business. You can find other approaches, for example, you can create an automated sale or marketing system that attracts new buyers. As a matter of fact, the only launch we encourage is a small one, especially if you are a beginner.
  • You need a lot of courses: If you discuss with most of the online course creators you will discover that they have generated over $100.000 in revenues from selling 1 or 2 online courses. Instead of focusing on creating 10 different courses, you can focus on creating one course for a specific target group.
  • You need a large target group: Even though the size of your target group is important, it is not crucial for concluding a sale. The benefit of having a large group of people is the opportunity to reach more people. The size of your group is not as important as the connections you build with your people.
  • Your online course needs to be a perfection: You need to keep one thing in mind – perfection is subjective. What you think is perfect is not the same as what your potential group of buyers thinks is perfect. Remember – your course doesn’t have to be perfect in order for it to be purchased.
  • You have to sell overpriced courses online: Another myth. Many course creators achieve a solid profit by selling online sources for a few hundred dollars each. The best strategy is to create cheap and yet valuable courses.

Don’t let these false assumptions stop you from running a successful business!

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